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How We Serve

The Saskatchewan Economic Development Association (SEDA) is Saskatchewan’s leading non-governmental organization with a focus on community and economic development.

We encourage and support leadership and progressive activities to create positive economic, environmental, health and social outcomes for communities, regions and the province at large. In all our work the relationship between place, economy, and people is central.

Established in 1983, SEDA offers and supports a range of programs and services designed "to increase the capacity of communities to develop and determine their economic future in Saskatchewan'.

We champion sustainable communities via an inclusive approach to community development. Enhancing community resilience; influencing and supporting best practices and seeking to raise the standards of local economic development through learning and resource provision are key aims of the association. 

SEDA is a social enterprise and relies on revenue generated from membership; program and service delivery; training and event hosting. SEDA works with the private; non-governmental and public sector, across the province and beyond. We work with many partner organizations who share our passion for developing a better and more resilient Saskatchewan! 

Download our 2016 to 2018 Strategic Vision

SEDA supports community and economic development through the following service pillars:


Saskatchewan has a vibrant market of public, private and not-for-profit sector stakeholders striving to achieve a common goal. SEDA explores opportunities to better serve the province and increase business, community and economic capacity by providing a clear roadmap for our joint stakeholders. Explore the PATHFINDING and NETWORK areas of the website.

Professional Development

SEDA is proud to offer the Professional Community and Economic Developer of Saskatchewan designation. The Association has a tradition of providing accessible professional development opportunities via online and classroom delivery. Our PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT pages will provide more information.

Resource Provision 

Capacity building is about providing the proper tools so communities/regions may guide their own future. It is about working smarter and working together.  SEDA provides access to research and best practices as well as online and classroom-based learning. Visit the RESOURCES area of this website as well as ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ONLINE.

Special Projects

Partnering is a mechanism to assist in bringing forth measurable and significant sustainable outcomes. SEDA is pleased to work with the Government of Canada, the Province of Saskatchewan and other stakeholders to coordinate, support and deliver programs to support increased economic capacity. Identifying gaps in service delivery within the provincial marketplace and working to resolve them is an ongoing function of the association.

Network Weaving

LEARNING..SHARING..MENTORING.  Networking is a means of transferring good practice, of disseminating innovation (often innovation in the process) and of building on the lessons learned from others. SEDA is proud to offer annual conferences and forums each year.\Have a look at upcoming and past EVENTS.