Economic Disaster Resilience & Recovery

Sadly, no community is immune to natural or man-made disasters. Emergency Planning must include preparing for the potential impacts of disruption on the local and regional economy.

Without an economic recovery strategy, a disaster incident has the potential to cause a micro-recession which could negatively affect your community for years. Preparing for disruptions and planning for recovery can make a significant difference in offsetting detrimental side effects of an already unfortunate situation. 

Local economic development is, by its very nature, charged with facilitating and mobilizing various stakeholders and reconciling goals and values amongst the various players. The economic development team can serve as a vital bridge between the business community and broader economic supports(education; health; physical infrastructure) in the communities they serve.

SEDA provides preparedness and recovery resources and support via the Saskatchewan Economic Preparedness and Recovery Toolkit.

Utilizing best practices from the many forerunners, who have by necessity, engaged in disaster recovery, SEDA has provided a planning framework for local business and community leaders to develop economic preparedness and recovery strategies for their own community.

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