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Business Retention and Expansion

Efforts to retain and grow existing business in our communities is now an integral component of local and regional economic development strategies.

Using SEDA's BUSINESS COUNTS program, a focus on retaining and expanding your local and regional business base can be an ongoing process that "simply runs in the background" of your other development efforts.

Adopting a philosophy of supporting and nurturing existing business will have direct impact on your community:

  • Helping companies improve productivity = COMPETITIVE ECONOMY
  • Isolate required skills enhancement = QUALIFIED WORKFORCE
  • Identify opportunities to bring companies together = CONNECTIVITY
  • Foster inter-firm collaboration (value chain, clusters) = SOCIAL CAPITAL
  • Build widespread support for infrastructure improvements and incentives = QUALITY OF LIFE


SEDA members have access to a Coordinators Guide to assist in the development and implementation of a business retention and expansion initiative. Additional resources include:

  • A brochure template which can be customized to use in your own community.
  • PowerPoint Templates on the four key stages of a BRE initiative which can be adapted for volunteer or community meetings.

Contact the SEDA office for digital copies of these materials.

Download our fact sheet on Business Succession to support your efforts with business owners on the retirement trajectory.


BUSINESS COUNTS users have the option of utilizing the business intelligence platform provided by ExecutivePulseTM  which includes a Customer Relationship Management(CRM) system by which to database local/regional industry. The CRM interfaces with easy to use input surveys and analytical tools which can bring potential business expansion opportunities and/or business retention concerns to your attention.

For best practices on successful BRE Programs including examples of questionnaires, final reports and outcomes, please visit the Business Retention and Expansion section at HERE.