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Rewarding Exploration...

Communities, businesses and organizations must constantly find new ways to expose their attractions and services to a larger audience. In an increasingly digital and mobile world, we must go beyond traditional marketing to stay relevant and engaged with visitors. Read the White Paper entitled The Presence Economy which talks about the importance of nurturing a greater degree of engagement with our audience.

The Insider App developed by 468 Communications is a customizable mobile app that drives visitor engagement and commerce by rewarding users for visiting places. The more places visited, the more points earned. Points can be redeemed for discounts on goods and services and easily administered by a user dashboard established for the entity managing the app. The App can be customized and branded to suit your needs and made available via a FREE download from the Apple Store or Google Play.

An Example of Insider Benefits

  • By deploying the app, chambers of commerce, convention and visitors bureaus and destination marketing organizations can go beyond basic directory listings, making their communities more fun and memorable for visitors.
  • By offering businesses placement in this app, organizations can drive commerce and help their members stay relevant in the mobile age.
  • These same organizations need to understand the needs and behaviors of their audience. The Insider’s online control panel generates important insights, such as where visitors are from and where and when they visit places in the community.

How it Works


Easily customize the look and feel, locations and content in your app. The app will carry your name and brand, including organization logo and color scheme.


Assign points to each location in your app, creating incentives for users to visit more places. Identify Rewards locations where users can earn rewards by redeeming their points.


An online control panel provides valuable data about visitor activity, volume and origin. Generate reports to show popular destinations, periods of peak activity, and what part of the world visitors are from.

The App in Action

Victoria BC Think Local First rewards patronage of locally owned businesses in the city.

Northeast Washington Insider is a catalyst for regional exploration, collaboration and economic development.

San Juan Islands Insider is a customized mobile app for San Juan County that drives visitor engagement and commerce by rewarding users for visiting.

Washington State Insider is an educational tool used by students of Lopez Island School to help people engage in historical places around the state.

Tri County Economic Development District launched the Northeast Washington Insider to reward people for exploring the region. Users of the free app can earn points by simply visiting places in the region, including a multitude of outdoor recreation destinations; retail, food and beverage and lodging locations; and heritage sites. Points can be redeemed for goods or services at local businesses. .

Edenwild Insider acts as a hotel concierge app for The Edenwild Boutique Inn. The app rewards guests for exploring the local region. Users collect points while visiting the special places and completing Edenwild Adventure Challenges. They can redeem points for free night stays, rentals or discounts on tours.

Scenic Washington State 365 Introduces Mobile App to Reward Travelers for Exploring State.

The Green Vine Wine Insider is a companion app to The Green Vine book, which focusses on sustainable wine growing on the west coast of America. Users are rewarde as they visit one of the wineries on the app.

Students in Washington state and Paris collaborate on app to share untold stories of WWI vets.

Want More Information?

SEDA is the official reseller of the Insider App in Saskatchewan. Give us a call at 306-384-5817 or email  to disucss the opporunity and how it can make a difference in your organization, community or business.