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The Prairie Canada Future Game takes place across a hypothetical region across Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

In this region the challenges that are facing these leaders are; tension between growth and protection, and the future viability of natural resource based industries – such as farming, water, oil and gas, industries, which has long been background of region’s economy. The game lays out decision-making challenges such as:

  • Regional responses to external economic pressures
  • Balances between community and regional needs
  • Natural resource management strategies
  • Investment strategies for long-term regional impact

The Game consists of five steps or decision points stretching 25 years into the future.

  • At each point, participants, working in groups, choose from one of two pre-determined options. The groups are given time to debate and discuss the possible outcomes of the two choices and choose one of the options.
  • Groups record their decision, also rating how both local and global issues such as economic, environmental and social factored into the decision. Based on this decision, the group moves on to the next decision point in the game and repeats the strategy. In this way, the game enables individual participants and the group as a whole to explore change and plausible future outcomes in a visual manner.

The game can be used in a range of ways:

  • Engage communities and groups in discussions about the future
  • Add extra depth and strength to local or regional planning efforts
  • Help hone leadership and decision-making skills
  • As a team building and change-management tool       
  • As a powerful tool to stimulate debate and discussion about the future.

Play the game at...

  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Board and staff retreats
  • Community conferences and events
  • Staff team-building exercises


Groups that will benefit...

  • Municipal politicians and officials
  • Community leaders
  • Local economic development practitioners and organizations
  • Regional Economic Development Groups
  • Community development organizations
  • Planners
  • Youth and Seniors
  • Businesses
  • Citizens at large

Communities and organizations can use the game to achieve several powerful outcomes. People have a chance to discuss growth and development in a hypothetical region, making it easier to explore alternatives than is often the case in real world settings. They learn how decisions that seem sensible in the short-term may play out in unexpected and unintended ways over time and they learn to make critical shifts to reflect new priorities and values.

Many communities use the game to assess where they are today relative to where they would like to be in the future. In this way, it can be a powerful way for community members to consider their own vision and desires for the future in their region and community, and begin to explore the action steps required to get to their preferred future.

On an individual and organizational level, The Prairie Canada Futures Game can be an excellent tool for leaders to explore decision making, and to understand their own leadership and decision-making styles better.

Download the Prairie Futures Game Brochure

Average Duration of the Game: 3 hours

Cost to Host: SEDA will facilitate the Prairies Futures Game for a flat fee of $1500(+gst) and travel expense. 

Contact the SEDA office at 306-384-5817 or at to bring the game to your community.