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How We Serve

Supporting Saskatchewan communities as they shape their own future.

In a world of rapid change and innovation, we must be open to new and better ways of accomplishing our goals. We provide a space where government, business, and non-profit sectors can share expertise, resources, and authority to support communities that cannot be solved by one sector alone.

The diversity of SEDA’s mandate can be best described in three simple phrases:

  • Connecting leaders and professionals in the community and economic development space
  • Accelerating and supporting development to assist our members to achieve meaningful results
  • Providing a gateway to community and economic development solutions

Your success is our mandate. 

We are your Economic Development LIFELINE

Much of economic development is learned on-the-job. SEDA provides an accessible ‘lifeline’ for community leaders and professionals to access on demand. In addition to ongoing coaching and concierge services, SEDA is available to provide interim economic development services and/or management of new staff hired with a community development focus. Have a look at our Coaching and Peer to Peer Mentorship Program.

We provide a GATEWAY to Solutions

Specifically targeted to local communities and practitioners, we provide access to resources and tools to advance strategies and action plans at a local or regional level. SEDA has continually expanded its use of technology and online learning to ensure help is available 24/7.

  • Economic Development Online ( is our learning platform with hundreds of best practices, tools and online learning modules to provide support for community leaders and professionals.
  • SEDA Corporate Site ( ) supports our direct clients with access to: special events; educational opportunities; online member directory and special programs.
  • INSIDE SASKATCHEWAN, is SEDA’s monthly community economic news, which monitors the provincial landscape for evidence of community success profiling announcements, new projects, business openings, and events. The monthly INSPIRATION FILE also provides stories, best practices, and new resources.

We FOSTER Shared Learning, Inspiration and Collaboration

SEDA has over 20 years’ experience in offering local economic development training via ONLINE and CLASSROOM delivery. SEDA also offers the Professional Community and Economic Developer of Saskatchewan Certification Program, in partnership with the Saskatchewan First Nations Economic Development Network. Delve into our classroom based and online training here.

The annual Intersections for Growth Conference brings together leaders, professionals and knowledge keepers together in a solutions focussed environment.


SEDA has targeted programs and services to help communities maintain and enhance community and economic health. Popular programs include First Impressions Saskatchewan, Strategic Doing® Action Planning, Business Counts and ThriveSask Alliance.

We SUPPORT Economic Disaster Preparedness and Resilience

SEDA has provided a planning framework for local business and community leaders to develop economic preparedness and recovery strategies for their own community. Have a look at our FREE online resources here.


Find out more about joining SEDA as a Member or Partner HERE.