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Saskatoon Inn May 1, 2018

Held prior to the Intersections for Growth Conference.  Hosted in partnership with the Saskatchewan First Nations Economic Development Network(SFNEDN).

This workshop is targeted to Municipal and First Nations Leaders; Emergency Planners; Business Organzations; Economic Development Professionals.

Sadly, no community is immune to natural or man made disasters. Emergency Planning must include preparing for the potential impacts of disruption on the local and regional economy. Without an economic recovery strategy, a disaster incident has the potential to cause a micro-recession which could negatively affect your community for years. Preparing for disruptions and planning for recovery can make a significant difference in offsetting detrimental side effects of an already unfortunate situation. 

This critical one day workshop will be led by Dale Wheeldon and Colleen Bond of EDCD Consulting. Dale has played a key role in preparing an economic disaster recovery framework in the United States and Canada. He most recenlty led the economic response and recovery efforts in British Columbia during and following the 2017 wildfires. The workshop includes guests from Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in Saskatchewan, impacted by natural disasters.

Workshop content and accompanying participant manuals are designed to be an ongoing resource and will include:

  • Disaster preparation measures and building capacity for recovery,
  • Strategic planning for disaster recovery
  • Proactive disaster risk management
  • Business assistance after a crisis
  • Maximizing response speed and effectiveness
  • Alignment with Federal government response measures
  • Small business assistance and industry recovery
  • Business retention and expansion before and after a disaster
  • Assessing the economic impacts of a major disaster
  • Crisis communications
  • Infrastructure and building back better communities
  • Economic diversification

Manuals will include a copy of the Saskatchewan Economic Preparedness & Recovery Toolkit.

A PDF workshop flyer and registration form may be downloaded HERE or Register Online


Dale Wheeldon

Dale has 26 years of economic development experience. Starting out as an economic development officer in a rural BC community he received a number of awards including for his economic development website, community profile and investment attraction marketing. From there Dale moved on to Chilliwack, BC, with a population base of 80,000, where he was Director of Economic Development for the Chilliwack Economic Partners Corporation. Dale worked to make Chilliwack one of the leading economic development communities in BC. In 2000 he was awarded the province's Economic Developer of the Year.Seven years ago Dale co-founded EDCD Consulting and focused on working with communities throughout Western Canada. His work includes business retention & expansion, economic development strategies and investment attraction. He is in demand as a speaker on various economic development topics. His presentation style is one that combines humour with simplicity for understanding complex issues.

Colleen Bond

Colleen Bond is a certified Economic Developer with 24 years of economic development experience. She has extensive knowledge in building economic development programs for business retention and expansion, business attraction and foreign investment attraction.  Colleen has worked from grassroots to government organizations in a variety of community development and capacity building roles earning awards along with way.  Colleen has worked with various agencies on the process of introducing and developing the Economic Development Recovery Program that has provided assistance to communities impacted through natural or manmade economic disasters in Bc and Alberta.  She was involved in assisting ten different communities in Alberta impacted by the devastating floods of 2013 and was an editor and contributor to the “The Recovery and Resiliency Roadmap:  A Toolkit for Economic Preparedness”.  

Prior to starting EDCD Consulting Colleen was an Economic Development Officer for a region located in the interior of the Province of BC. During her 13 years there she was successful in attracting new business and investment to the region and developing their first business retention and expansion program, one of the most innovative BRE programs in the Province. The region consisted of five separate communities ranging in size from 5,000 to over 100,000 and as result Colleen has an understanding of working with both rural and urban communities.