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Elected Mayor of the Northern Village of Beauval in Oct 2016, Nick Daigneault brought experience in Community Economic Development and Office and Financial Management to the council table.  Nick is the Former CEO of Beauval Development Inc., Former Executive Director of the Primrose Lake Economic Development Corporation (PLEDCO), and Former Client Services Consultant with the Ministry of Economy – Labour Services Division.  

Armed with this experience and a vast network of connections in various fields of business development and government agencies, Nick – with the help of the village councillors – set a strategy to revitalize the fading Municipal Economic Development Corporation and turn it into a vibrant, active organization.

Since 2016, under the project management of Nick Daigneault and Beauval Development Inc. (BDI) – the corporation has built an office and gymnasium complex, renovated existing office rental spaces, constructed a Fitness and Recreation Center, and expanded its services of the Blueberry Hills Water Company (one of BDIs first business acquisitions).   There are future plans to build a larger water plant for Blueberry Hills and to also develop a Multi-corporation Business Center in Beauval located next to the Beaver River.

Nick considers himself a mover and shaker in the community and wants to see the community vibrant with development and opportunity.  Tourism is the community’s next focus and Nick is working with other corporations in the region to acquire tourism-related businesses and also develop the foundation for residents in the region to become entrepreneurs in the tourism industry as well.