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Annual Awards

The Saskatchewan Economic Development Awards recognizes the province’s best economic development marketing materials; programs and partnerships. These prestigious awards honour organizations and/or individuals for their efforts in creating positive change in urban, suburban, and rural communities. 

SEDA 2019 Community Project Population over 10,000   - 1000 Miles of Snow 

Community Futures Newsask recognized that tourism remained untapped in this region and that attracting visitors in the winter season would also facilitate cross-promotion of regional attractions and amenities - in all seasons. The 1000 Miles of Snow project began in 2014 and started with 9 community partners expanding to its current collective of 12 communities, and is the only economic development initiative being undertaken completed on a regional basis in the northeast area of the province.


SEDA 2019 Community Project Population under 10,000 - Île-à-la Crosse Communications Society Cable Inc 

The recipient of this year's award is working to ensure their northern village becomes independent and self-sufficient – and in a position to direct their own future. Our award recipient - the Île-à-la Crosse Communications Society Cable Inc -  ICSI for short  - was previously providing high speed wired internet service by renting SaskTel infrastructure. It is now expanding to become an Internet Service Provider to the greater northwest Saskatchewan with the purchase of a 250ft tower.




SEDA 2019 Marketing Innovation Population over 10,000 - City of Swift Current

As a result of a multi-year Business Retention and Expansion program, the City of Swift Current recognized that more assertive marketing to a target audience beyond their borders was required to meet City Council’s goal of reaching a population of 25,000 people by 2025. The city’s natural assets –the agriculture industry, oil and gas, manufacturing and the emerging renewable energy sector – formed the foundation for market differentiation and the "Open Skies take us Further' campaign.


SEDA 2019 Marketing Innovation Population Under 10,000 - Town of Maple Creek

This particular marketing innovation was led by the Town of Maple Creek – and centred on the development and incorporation of the “Cypress Hills Destination Marketing Organization”. This marketing organization has successfully packaged the various tourism products and experiences available to travellers in southwest Saskatchewan and SE Alberta as a single “destination area”.Cypress Hills Park visitation has experienced a steady year over year average increase of 8.2% over the past 5 years  - the highest annual increase of any Provincial Park in Sask.



Proudly sponsored by the Affinity Credit Union, the second annual Partnership & Reconciliation Awards Program recognizes partnerships between municipalities or regional development entities and First Nations, who are taking positive steps towards reconciliation and economic development in Saskatchewan. 


2019 Affinity Credit Union Reconciliation Award presented to Prairie Rivers Reconciliation Committee

38 partners came together over a year ago to support the Saskatoon region grow through building partnerships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. With a continued increase in the regional Indigenous youth population, the Saskatoon region must be equipped to provide them with support and employment. The committee pushes the message of inclusion, education and collaboration, making it an essential component for the Saskatoon Region in its entirety.


2019 Affinity Credit Union Partnership Award presented to Prince Albert Regional Economic Development Alliance

After two years of partnership building, founding partners of the Prince Albert Regional Economic Development Alliance signed a Memorandum of Understanding in March of this year. This agreement commits the six founding members to fund this alliance until December 31, 2021.

The Prince Albert area has witnessed participated in regional economic development in the past. What makes this initiative different from prior endeavours is that this time, the driving force behind the new organization are the communities and organizations that see the value in regional economic development. Cooperation and of strengthening relationships not only having economic development potential but also playing a role in healing relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.